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Current Issue

January-June 2022| Vol 12| Issue 1

Review Article

Metabolic syndrome: a review

Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is a clinical construct that has continued to gain increasing global relevance due to the rising levels of obesity. It represents a cluster of metabolic abnormalities that in...

Review Article

Diabetes as it affects the oral cavity

Background: Diabetes is one of the commonest noncommunicable diseases and often affects various organs. The oral cavity is a commonly affected area, which is not given due attention. Objecti...

Original Article

Vitamin D status and bone health in healthy adult Nigerians

Background: With the emergence of osteoporosis as a major public health concern among economically developed nations, more research is needed on the prevalence and etiology of this and related ...

Original Article

Evaluation of the effects of the extract of dried roots of Jatropha curcas in the female Wistar rats

Background: Jatropha curcas is a multipurpose plant with medicinal properties along with the capability to produce cheap, commercially lucrative biofuel. Literature search reveals well-k...

Original Article

Pre-obesity/obesity in relation to blood pressure among tertiary healthcare workers in an African setting

Background: The study aimed to determine the predictive power of pre-obesity/obesity indices in pre-hypertension/hypertension among Northern Nigerian tertiary healthcare workers (HCWs). Mate...

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